Compliance Policy

Cubers establishes adequate and sufficient policies and procedures to guarantee that the company, including its directors, employees and related agents, comply with the applicable regulatory framework. Thus, Cubers considers not only legal norms, such as laws and regulations but also, internal policies, commitments with customers, suppliers and third parties, and especially the ethical codes that the company has committed to.

This function is carried out through several actions, which must be coordinated with each other and carefully planned:  Identification: The risks faced by the company must be identified, taking into account their severity and impact and the probability that they will occur.


Prevention: Knowing the risks, Cubers designs and implements control procedures that protect the company.


Monitoring and detection: The effectiveness of the implemented controls must be supervised, informing the management of the company’s exposure to the risks, and performing the periodic audits that are necessary.


Resolution: When, despite everything, a compliance problem arises, work must be done to solve it.


Advice: Both managers and workers must receive all the information necessary to carry out their work in accordance with current regulations.