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Convenient ice cubes developed for your company.

Because we think of you and your customers, we at Cubers have the most cost-effective premium ice.

Choosing Cubers means choosing:


You have perfectly frozen ice cubes available to use it exactly when you need it. Because comfort is very important for you and your company.

Reasonable amount

Use only the required amount of ice. Doing so, you convert high fixed costs into low variable costs.

Never again without ice

We accurately assess your needs and consumption, install a freezer for you and offer excellent service so that you never run out of ice.

Double freezing

Thanks to our double freezing method, you serve a firm, super-cooled ice cube, which takes much longer to melt, so your customers get a cold, but not watery drink.

The highest quality

Maximum hygiene and health guarantees, production with purified, decalcified water, chlorine and pH value regulated and ultraviolet-disinfected. They serve drinks whose taste is not altered by chlorine or impurities, and you have less cause for concern if you receive a visit from the health authority.

Profitability is our principle

The ice production process is very electricity-intensive. Keep in mind that the machine has to freeze water in its evaporators in 30-minute cycles at high speed, which requires a high expenditure of electrical energy.
This is a cost that we usually only think about when it is time to pay high bills. If you are thinking about buying an ice cream machine, do your accounting first.
Due to the high electricity expenditure, the motors of the machines must be constantly cooled, which constantly increases the maintenance and failure costs.
We know the mode of operation of ice machines: these are sensitive machines that require special care, maintenance, a number of spare parts and regular cleaning of the circuit.

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Get to know our ice cubes

Either for cocktails or for your restaurant, we present you the best ice cubes for every situation. Refresh your drink!

CUBERS - Bar Ice

Bar Ice

Perfect XL size with extra cooling capacity.

Classic Ice

Standard ice cubes for every occasion.

Cocktail Ice

Crushed ice for mojitos, caipirinhas and all kinds of cocktails.

Hielos esféricos Ice Balls Cubers

Ice Balls

Spherical ice cubes to surprise your guests.

Types of ice cubes: The best solution for every drink

Cubers makes it possible: With us you will find the right ice cube for every drink.

Classic Ice

The most classic ice cube in the Cubers range, ideal for parties at home or for the drink to be enjoyed on its own.

Cocktail Ice

Ice in small, non-homogeneous pieces of approximately 1 or 2 grams, ideal for your mojito or caipirinha.

Bar Ice

Perfect XL size with extra cooling power.

Ice Balls

Would you like to give your guests a very special experience? Then our premium ice balls are just right. They give every drink a distinctive touch and will surprise your guests. The Cubers Ice Balls melt very slowly and remain spherical until the last sip. Due to the double frosting during production, the drinks are not diluted – the taste experience remains unadulterated and authentic until the end. The Ice Balls not only refine the taste, but also offer aesthetic added value.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do ice cubes cool your drinks?

Most drinks taste better when served chilled, and not only on warm days.

But how do ice cubes cool your drinks? They transfer the cold to the drink, while the heat energy of the drink melts the ice. This process works because ice has a higher heat absorption capacity than water. This means that ice must absorb more heat energy in order to get from a solid state to a liquid one.

The entire process consists of three phases: heating the ice cubes to melting temperature, melting the ice cubes and mixing melt water with the drink. The drink is not only cooled, but also gets its extraordinary taste through the right amount of melt water.