How we make it

Learn more about our manufacturing processes and our commitment to quality.

A high-quality ice cube is just as important for a pleasant drinking experience as the basic ingredients and the right glass.

It turns an ordinary drink into an unforgettable experience -that’s exactly what we have set ourselves the goal: Cubers Premium guarantees the best quality and variety to meet all customer needs.

Learn today how we make our ice cubes, which company values are our top priority and how we work for them.

Why is Cubers Premium the best choice?

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Innovation and reliability

The answer is simple: we offer reliable quality and innovative products, are committed to sustainability and produce in Germany.

High production capacity

Procubitos Europe was founded in Spain in 1989 with the aim of producing high-quality ice cubes for demanding customers. Meanwhile, we produce in several European countries with a total production capacity of over 800 tons of ice cubes per day.

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Quality standards

We have developed into the leading ice cubes manufacturer in Europe, due in particular to high quality standards, technical excellence, professionalism and innovation. Our vision is to consolidate our leadership in Europe with our corporate values.

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Procubitos Europe is a founding member of the EPIA (European Packaged Ice Association), an association in which the most important European ice cubes producers are committed to high quality standards.

Have we convinced you that we are the right partner? There are many other compelling reasons that make us the best choice as a producer of high-quality ice cubes.

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From the factory to the glass: How our ice cube factory works

Our fully automated production process allows us to produce, package high-quality ice cubes in various formats in our production facilities and then distribute it without delivery bottlenecks.

Prerequisites for our efficiency are comprehensive expertise, technical excellence and knowledge of the needs and preferences of our customers. On this basis, we have built the most innovative ice cubes factories in Europe.

Production process

As already mentioned, our production facilities work fully automatically to guarantee quality and reliability. Let’s briefly outline the most important steps of the production process below:


It all starts with the purification of the water, which is our most important raw material. It must be of very high quality and free of impurities in order to achieve the desired results.

For cleaning, we use a reverse osmosis system to remove calcium, chlorine and other particles. After that, we disinfect the water by UV radiation to ensure absolute purity and eliminate bacteria. The purified water then comes into a tank from which the moulds are filled.

Filling the moulds

The ice is shaped into moulded shells, which are located on sturdy metal structures. The filling is done with an automatic system, overflowing water is collected and reused in order to not waste a single drop of water and improve energy efficiency.

The freezing tunnel

As soon as the moulds are filled with water, they enter the freezing tunnel. Evaporators ensure heat withdrawal, whereby we attach importance to maximum energy efficiency. The tunnel construction avoids unnecessary energy expenditure, the excess water is collected and reused. In the freezing tunnel, the ice is slowly frozen in two stages at different temperatures. The double frosting makes the ice cubes firmer. The result: compact, dry, hard and durable ice cubes that refine every drink.

Robots and conveyor belts

It is very entertaining to see how our robots and conveyor belts work with synchronised movements and transport the ice cubes in the bowls in which they are shaped. This fully automatic process helps us to avoid errors and possible accidents.

Packaging of ice cubes

A robot arm helps to remove the ice cubes from the moulds that then reach the packaging station via a conveyor belt. They are first sorted out and then filled into polyethylene bags.

The palletising robot places the finished ice cube bags on the pallets, which are then brought into the storage chamber. Maximum energy efficiency and sustainability are also our priorities when it comes to storage.

And finally

Now the ice cube packs are waiting for their distribution to please our customers, who can order our ice cubes online. We offer the ice cube bags in different sizes to meet all needs.

Maximum hygiene

Thanks to fully automated processes, we can guarantee maximum hygiene, because the ice is never touched by the hands. Procubitos Europe has recognised standards that guarantee quality and food safety throughout the production process.

After all, we do not just produce small portions of frozen water, but ice cubes of the extra class, which guarantee an incomparable experience. Our advanced production process makes this possible.

Quality guarantee: What distinguishes us as an ice cubes producer

We offer different types of high-quality ice: from traditional to particularly large ice cubes, Japanese ice balls, crushed ice or American cuboids to our spherical premium ice balls, which guarantee a special taste experience. Just the right thing for everyone, whether it’s long drinks, cocktails, exotic juices or other drinks that are to be refined and chilled with ice.

Our ice cubes are characterised by quality, innovation and sustainability.

Cubers Premium means quality

We adhere to strict quality standards throughout the entire value chain and offer maximum hygienic-sanitary guarantees.

The double frosting guarantees optimal organoleptic properties. Our ice cubes are transparent and contain no inclusions. We guarantee an uninterrupted cold chain from our ice cubes factory to the customer.

Our quality is certified by the IFS (International Food Standard), an internationally recognised standard for ensuring food safety and the quality of processes and products. Furthermore, the Dr. Oliver Rodés laboratory, a renowned private analysis and consulting centre for water, certifies the hygienic-sanitary quality of our products.

We also fulfil the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. Our trustworthy partner in terms of quality, safety, environmental protection and social responsibility is Bureau Veritas.

Ice BallsBe Spherical-portada

Cubers Premium means innovation

We offer a wide variety of formats that allow us to personalise and optimise the consumer experience. An example of this are our Ice Balls, which make a unique taste experience possible with their ball shape. They are crystal clear, melt slowly and ensure the right temperature of the drink.

Innovation is also one of our priorities in the entire manufacturing process, as we have already stated.

Cubers Premium means sustainability

We are proud of an efficient and energy-saving production system. Every kilogram of ice cubes we produce requires three times less electricity than the equivalent made in domestic freezers.

A significant proportion of the electricity consumed during production is generated by solar energy, which we generate ourselves through panels on the roofs of our factories.

We redirect excess water from the cooling process so that we can reuse it, which not only saves water, but also contributes to energy efficiency.

In addition, we use environmentally friendly coolants in order to not damage the ozone layer or contribute to global warming.

We assess the greatest importance to low waste generation and follow high standards to recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, toner and other consumables.

Our packaging is made of low-density polyethylene and is completely recyclable.

Ice cubes factories: We produce our ice cubes all over Europe

We maintain several ice cubes production facilities in Europe, including in Spain, Italy and Germany. This allows us to ensure relatively short transport routes. It enables us to supply our European customers quickly and reliably.

Our sales network covers the whole of Europe. In total, we are a team of more than 200 specialists. We strive every day to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. We offer professional catering companies and hospitality businesses a 24-hour service so that they never lack ice cubes.

Cubers Premium means quality, reliability, innovation and sustainability. Buying high-quality ice cubes has never been so easy. We are pleased that you are accompanying us on our way.


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