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The widest variety of formats so you can have the best ice cream for every occasion.
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Cubers has come along and changed the consumers’ vision of ice bags. From consumer essentials to products that lend value to your establishment and to consumption.

Cubers has created the Ice Menu – Ice Menu® -4 different varieties of premium quality ice to enjoy it in a different way. The ice in a glass of whisky is not the same as the ice in an ice bucket. Cubers is presenting you with a selection of ices for you to choose from and try.

A trend that will soon be a fashion.

For the first time, an Ice Menu

CUBERS - Bar Ice

Bar Ice

Perfect XL size with extra cooling capacity.

Classic Ice

Standard ice cubes for every occasion.

Cocktail Ice

Crushed ice for mojitos, caipirinhas and all kinds of cocktails.

Hielos esféricos Ice Balls Cubers

Ice Balls

Spherical ice cubes to surprise your guests.

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Why is it important to buy high-quality ice cubes?

High-quality ice cubes have many advantages: the melting rate is lower, so they do not dilute the drink, which retains its authentic taste until the end. They release just the right amount of melt water to optimise the taste experience. The cooling is even and the ice cubes do not contain air bubbles, inclusions or impurities. In addition, the aesthetic aspect should not be forgotten: high-quality ice cubes give the drink that certain extra and fulfil the wishes of the most demanding guests. An example of this are our Ice Balls, which remain spherical until the last sip and release the melt water very slowly to enable a unique taste experience.

Frequently asked questions

Ice cubes or crushed ice? What is it better to cool your drink?

In general, ice cubes cool longer than crushed ice, as the melting rate is slower. The drinks are not diluted as a result and remain cool until the last sip. Crushed ice, on the other hand, has a larger surface area, so the heat exchange is faster and the cooling is more effective, but more water gets into the drink. Whether you choose ice cubes or crushed ice depends on whether the water should be an ingredient for the drink at the same time or not. Cocktails that are not shaken, such as the mojito, are usually made with crushed ice. In a mojito, the meltwater balances the sweetness of the drink and softens the taste of the alcohol.

How many ice cubes do I need for a party?

The amount of ice cubes you need for a party depends on the number of guests. You can expect about 1 kg of ice cream per guest when you cool bottles or barrels. In midsummer, you need much more.

If you are going to serve cocktails, you need 50 to 125 g of ice cream per glass, depending on the glass size. Now you only have to calculate approximately how many glasses you will spend. It is best to plan a little more so that the ice cream is safe enough.

Rule of thumb:

  • 10 kg of ice cubes are enough for about 80 drinks.
  • 10 kg crushed ice is enough for approx. 50 drinks.