Ice Balls

The challenging choice for a unique drinking experience

Your drinks will have the special and unmistakeable touch you need to surprise your guests.

  • They slide perfectly into the glass without splashing and offer a better experience.
  • The Ice Balls take longer to melt and remain spherical until the last sip.

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Pure and authentic taste: Ice Spheres for unparallelled drinks

Cubers Ice Balls give your drinks a touch of Elegance and authenticity without diluting the taste of your favourite drinks. The demanding choice for a unique drinking experience

Challenging connoisseurs love Ice Balls because they revolutionise the drinking experience: the transparent balls melt slowly in the glass while keeping the drink cool and giving it uniqueness and sophistication.

In addition to their aesthetic quality, Ice Balls also have functional advantages. Due to their lower surface area they melt more slowly, so they do not dilute the drink. The taste remains unadulterated and authentic, so you will enjoy the aroma of your drinks for longer.

Technical excellence and innovation

Cubers Ice Balls are more than just frozen ice: they are the result of technical excellence and innovative forms of production that make every drink an artistic staging.

The production of these ice cube balls requires precision and care. Through strict water purification processes, we can guarantee ice balls of maximum purity and quality.

Cubers Ice Balls are produced in the world’s most modern and innovative ice cubes factory! The high degree of automation and continuous quality controls allow us to deliver the best quality in an efficient way. The ice is never touched with your hands, so we can guarantee the highest level of hygiene.

At the same time, we are committed to environmental protection and sustainability by using resource-saving and energy-saving processes along the entire value chain. We have set ourselves the goal of doing justice to the environment and social responsibility.

The right temperature

Most drinks taste better when chilled. However, if the cocktail is too cold, part of the olfactory experience is lost. Cubers Ice Balls guarantee optimal cooling properties so that you can reach the right temperature with every drink.

In our factory, the ice spheres are stored at a temperature of -18 degrees Celsius.

The perfect presentation with Cubers Ice Balls

However, the slower melting time and the perfect temperature are not the only reason in favour of Cubers Ice Balls. Our ice cube balls are crystal clear and therefore visually perfect. They do not contain any suspended particles or air pockets.

If you choose the right glass to present your cocktail, it not only looks elegant and stylish, but is also crucial for the perception of taste. For detail-loving hobby mixers and professionals, our ice cube balls are the best choice to delight your guests with a sophisticated taste experience. If you want to buy Ice Balls, Cubers is your choice!

The packaging of our Ice Balls

You can already recognise the high quality by the packaging of our Ice Balls: it is elegant and practical. We know that a well-maintained image improves the user experience and makes it more pleasant for both the bartender and the end customer.

Another advantage is that each ice ball can be removed and used individually because the balls do not clump. You can slide them directly from the packaging into the drink, without splashes – uncomplicated and practical!

It is also important that we use recyclable bags for our ice cubes, as environmental protection is an important area of our corporate philosophy.

Ice Balls: New experiences for authentic people

We invite you to create special drinks with high-quality Ice Balls to break out of the routine and gain extraordinary experiences. With our premium Ice Balls, you will experience a unique flavour intensity of unforgettable quality until the last drop.

Our ice cube balls are innovative and attractive, they melt more slowly and cool the drink longer, while preserving the authentic taste. They are perfect for creative and experimental people who value high-quality cocktails.

Mixologists can use it to improve their recipes and mixing techniques. Your guests will love our Ice Balls, because they mark the difference: every sip becomes a sensual experience of the extra class.

Ice Balls enhance every drinking experience.

Frequently asked questions

What is an ice ball?

An ice ball is a round ice cube that adds a unique element to your drinks and will inspire your guests. It slides effortlessly into your glass, without disturbing splashes, and thus improves the drinking experience. The gradual resolution gets its elegant spherical shape until the end. These Ice Balls offer a practical solution, whether used directly from the packaging or transferred to a container. Our high-quality Ice Balls, made of drinkable water, have standardised dimensions and weight and are stored at -18 °C. Without a doubt, they are an incomparable creation that enhances your drinks with extraordinary finesse.

What are Ice Balls used for?

Ice balls bring a unique element to drinks and enrich the entire drinking experience. Their slower melting rate compared to conventional ice cubes effectively reduces the rapid dilution of drinks. As a result, the taste of the drink is preserved for longer. Ice balls are particularly popular in cocktails as well as in drinks such as whisky, vodka, rum and tequila, to name but a few. In addition, they seamlessly improve non-alcoholic drinks such as juices, lemonades, iced tea and coffee.

Are ice balls better than ice cubes?

Ice balls are superior to conventional ice cubes due to their slow melting process, which prevents the dilution of the drink and maintains the perfect flavour concentration throughout the drinking experience. Their remarkable cooling capabilities ensure an increased flavour profile while keeping their shape until the last drop. As a result, Ice Balls not only offer visually fascinating effects, but also an incomparable sensory journey. A superior drink deserves nothing less than ice cream of the highest quality.

Why do ice balls break?

Temperature changes play a decisive role in the formation of cracks in Ice Balls. Initially, the outer layer of the solid ice ball touches the warmer liquid, which makes it expand faster than the inside. Consequently, internal tensions in the ice cause the ice balls to tend to break. That’s why we hear the unique and recognisable noise they make. These voltages in the ice produce different sound waves, each with its own frequency. When these waves are combined, the cracking noise is created, which we can easily recognise.

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