Here at Procubitos Europe we take our environmental responsibility very seriously when carrying out our activity. We are aware that the environment requires urgent action and that’s why we have developed energy saving, recycling and waste reduction programmes.

We consume three times less electricity

What’s more, packaged ice works like a battery: it reduces the consumption of the freezers where it is placed.

Whereas bar machines consume 0.4 kwh/kg and home freezers 0.5 kwh/kg, we reduce consumption to 0.12 kwh/kg.

We use renewable energies

It is increasingly the case that the electricity we consume is generated by solar energy.

We use ecological refrigerants

We use natural refrigerants that don’t damage the ozone layer nor do they contribute to global warming and which, at the same time, are more energy-efficient.

100% Recycling

Our containers are made from low-density polyethylene which is completely recyclable.

Saving water

With our innovative new system, any excess water from the process is used to refrigerate the refrigeration systems, contributing to greater energy efficiency.

Low waste generation

Our industry does not produce environmentally hazardous waste. We follow strict standards in terms of recycling paper, cardboard, plastic, toner and other consumables.

We work with environmental NGOs


Environmental ISO

We follow all the ISO environmental specifications 14.001 and 50.001.