The Best Ice

CUBERS is a byword for quality and innovation.

In all the processes going to make up our value chain, strict quality standards are followed to afford the highest possible hygiene and sanitary assurances to all our products and to offer our customers ice with unique properties.

Why Cubers?


Closely following market trends, our offer includes all types of formats, qualities and processes, both automated and handcrafted, allowing the consumer experience to be customised to the hilt.

Maximum durability

Our ice is characterised by maintaining the cold chain at all times and by melting much more slowly than other types of ice.

Loose, dry and whole

The different types of ice of Procubitos Europe are the loosest, driest and with the lowest breakage index on the market.

Double freezing

Their manufacturing process, based on double freezing, affords them great durability, ensuring their organoleptic qualities.


Allowing total hygiene and ensuring their organoleptic qualities.

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Ice Balls

Your drinks will have the special and unmistakable touch you need to surprise your guests.

  • They slide perfectly into the glass without splashing and offer a better experience.
  • The ice balls take longer to melt and remain spherical until the last sip.

Ice Menu

If you need ice for cocktails or for your restaurant, we present you the best ice cubes for every situation, refresh your drink!

CUBERS - Bar Ice

Bar Ice

Perfect XL size with extra cooling capacity.

Classic Ice

Standard ice cubes for every occasion.

Cocktail Ice

Crushed ice for mojitos, caipirinhas and all kinds of cocktails.

Manufacturing process

Quality and efficiency are present throughout the process using a wholly automated system, in such a way that the product is never touched by hands, guaranteeing the highest possible hygiene and sanitary standards.


Complete removal of chlorine and impurities, pH value, ozonisation and disinfection with ultraviolet rays. Reverse osmosis.


Double frosting to ensure a long service life and all its organoleptic features.


The packaging and palletising process is completely robotised.


Hight efficient and power saving freezer chambers.


Double frosting to ensure a long service life and all organoleptic features.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I store ice cubes?

Cubers ice cubes are delivered in practical bags and can be easily removed individually.

Optimal storage takes place in the freezer at -18º C. The cooling should be constant, temperature fluctuations must be avoided. If you are on the road, it is best to use a bright, well-insulated and reflective cooler that absorbs as little heat as possible. In addition, cooling packs are recommended to keep the ice cubes or the crushed ice cold for longer.

You should note that large ice cubes last much longer than, for example, crushed ice. Also wrap the cooler with a cotton towel to extend the life of the ice.

Which ice cubes for which drink?

The optimal taste experience can only be guaranteed if the right ice cube is used for each drink.

For long drinks such as Gin Tonic, Tequila Sunrise or Gin Fizz, the classic ice cubes or our innovative ice balls are excellent because they melt slowly and do not dilute the drink.

Our spherical ice balls are not only perfect for refined cocktails, but also for refreshing juices, iced tea, iced coffee or lemonade.

On the other hand, crushed ice is ideal for cocktails that are to be diluted – for example, for a mojito or a piña colada. Ice blocks are recommended in a punch or a bowl, which are cooled in a large vessel.

How long do your ice cubes last?

The durability of the ice cubes depends, among other things, on the correct storage and the quality of the water from which they are made.

Cuber’s ice cubes do not contain air bubbles, inclusions or impurities and are made from purified drinking water, which makes them durable for a long time without changes in taste and smell.

At an optimal storage temperature of -18º C, Cubers keep ice cubes in their original packaging in the freezer without hesitation for up to 6 months.

We ensure that the cold chain is not interrupted during distribution in order to deliver the ice in optimal conditions.