If it’s about

ice cubes…

it’s about Cubers.

We have an extensive range of products designed for all types of customers. Thanks to our Double Freezing system, our ice cubes don’t break or stick together, and will take much longer to melt than other.

Cubers Gin Tonic Special.

“Perfect for celebrations at home or for that drink we simply want to enjoy alone.

With the perfect XL size, each cube has an extra cooling power and practically will not melt. Enjoy your Gin Tonic!

“The most beautiful pieces of ice that bring a touch of distinction to your drink or cocktail.

The Ice Balls are one of the most iconic product in our range. A must for everyone who wants to add distinction to a drink!

Cubers Ice Balls.
Cubers Whisky on the rocks.

“For those who want to enjoy the perfect Whisky on the Rocks at home”

With an ideal mini size, each cube gently cools the drink and melts at the right time. Enjoy your whisky!

We also want to be creative at home and to try out the latest cocktails!

In the production line, the ice cubes pass through a grinder that crushes the ice, creating small nonuniform pieces of about 1 to 2 grams. Get creative try out the latest cocktails!

Cubers Cocktail Ice